Much Marketing Team - 2017

Executive Team


Kevin Buckingham


Kevin is now completing his marketing degree at ESG. As president of the team, his leadership skills contribute to every aspect of organizing Much Marketing’s event. Passionate about marketing and entrepreneurship, Kevin is always gaining knowledge as he makes sure he reads at least two books every week. Competitive and ambitious, Kevin is involved in academic case competitions and spends his free time playing sports.

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Esme Levi


Esme is currently completing her final year of a marketing at ESG. Creative and passionate, she works along with the president of the team while working on various tasks, such as branding and content. Curious, ambitious, workaholic at times, she never misses an opportunity to get involved in projects and competitions. During studies, she has won 5 academic awards!

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Nicolas Archambault-D.

IT/Marketing Director

Nicolas has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in administration with a major in business technology. Passionate of technology and marketing, he is responsible for managing Much Marketing’s web platforms. Being a marketing manager for Ultimate Racing for over 3 years, Nicolas has been gaining incredible experience even before finishing school. As a runner himself, he is a true sportsman at heart.

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Mariana Ramos

Financial Director

Mariana is a second-year Information Systems student with a concentration in Finance completing her second year at McGill University. Sound and organized she is responsible for managing the finances of Much Marketing and negotiating the best deals for the organizing committee as well as the private sponsors. Mariana is truly passionate by entrepreneurship and she just started her first online business.

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Francis Mantha

Sponsorship Director

Francis is currently in his second year of a marketing at ESG. Audacious and hardworking, he is responsible for creating partnerships with influential companies. As a true marketing enthusiast, he is always aware of industry trends and never misses out on a learning opportunity. Francis spends most of his free time to participate in academic case competitions.

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Kayla Prashad

Media Director

Kayla is currently in her final year of marketing and international business at JMSB. Overflowing with energy, she takes care of creating and managing content for our various social media networks. Kayla’s passions include fashion and travelling. In fact, she just returned from studying abroad in Cambridge in England where had the chance to visit more than 15 countries!

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Inès Khadr


Inès is a third year commerce student at McGill University majoring in marketing and international management. You’ll always see her with a smile on her face as she loves meeting people from other countries and universities. Half Egyptian and half French, Inès speaks more than 4 languages! She is responsible for recruiting delegates to participate in our case competition and organizing our networking event happening January 19th, 2017.

Justine Guertin


Justine is in her third year of marketing at University de Montréal’s business faculty; HEC. Curious and outgoing, she loves to take on new projects and participate in several academic competitions. She enjoys traveling and meeting new people. She is definitely not afraid of getting out of her comfort zone. Justine is responsible for recruiting delegates from HEC to participate in our case competition and organizing the event on January 20th, 2017.

Nathalie Geukers


Nathalie is currently in her second year at the John Molson School Of Business, majoring in marketing with a minor in data intelligence. Social and outgoing, she has participated in several academic competitions in addition to being a member of two student associations. Adventurous as she is, Nathalie will be off studying abroad in Amsterdam as soon as the Marketing Much event ends. Nathalie represents the John Molson School Of Business in Much Marketing’s executive committee. She is responsible for recruiting delegates to participate in our case competition and organizing the event on January 17th, 2017.

Catherine Forest


Catherine is completing the last year of her bachelor’s degree in commerce at ESG with a major in marketing. Energetic and optimistic, she always brings life to our team meetings. World traveler, she just returned from an exchange in Spain where she had a chance to visit more than 20 countries. Catherine is responsible for representing ESG within Much Marketing’s executive committee. She is responsible for recruiting delegates to participate in our case competition as well as organizing the event on January 18th, 2017.